Lola and Trista


Age: 23
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Brunette
Measurements: 34C-24-34
Ethnicity: Exotic Mix
Services: Escort Service
Locations: San Francisco, San Jose

About me

Best Know as the Forever Girls!!!


Hi there, We are Lola and Trista, a lil brash and bold, with a no holds barred type of attitude for the real man in you! We like to be and be seen in the company of men, We are  looking for some new friends here in the bay Area! We are giving and We like to share.  There is not to much we can’t do, given the chance,  women of many talents, with personality and a dry bit of charm.


We are the kind of gals next door who are always willing to please their man, and make him are center of the universe, come travel that galaxy with us, We know you’ll never want to come down again! We are friendly and open, nice and naughty, yet we don’t have limits! What they are is up to you, come give us a whirl….!


We are  busty, curvy when needed, a full-course meal, are you hungry?

The pictures only tell half the story, make that call, and open up the rest of my book, and let’s get to know each other soon. For  we are only here for awhile, unless you make us  stay, then we are  yours forever!


Call us today; day or night, we will always make time for you!

Incall is available; Outcalls as well, call for an appointment now, let’s start the ball rolling!  


Remember, you never have as much fun alone, as you would, if we  were THERE WITH YOU! Call….us.


Lola & Trista  forever………..