Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Blond
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Services: Escort Service, GFE, Incall, Outcall
Locations: Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose

About me

Hi boys, welcome to my page, I’m Lindsey, and I am free to roam! What is it I am looking for, and are you the one to serve it up? Well, what a question… I hope we both can answer it, and do it in a way that will bring us both a lot of JOY!

I’m all about the “Joy”, you know when you get what you want and desire, and I get the same… a mutual benefit that will have you smiling all day long!

I am a young escort, 19, experienced in the Art of Pleasure, I’m fresh, right out of the box, a new toy to play with, to mold and make into whatever your imagination has dreamed up! I am all in!
I’m 5’6”, slim cut, with racy curves and subtle all-natural breasts! I am new to the area and to this escort service business, which means there are things to learn, come teach me your favorite tricks!!

Come give me a call, this party will not be the same without you, come add me to your fashion plate of desire… Yes, I am young, fresh, willing and able, but, if you want the same-old, then maybe you should pass?

However, if you desire a fun good time girl, who wants to make friends and be your everything girl, then what are you waiting for? Hello!

Call me, Lindsey, and I will come to you, or if you want you may come and see me anytime, all you need do is to call me today… Let the fun begin!